Solar panels

①High efficiency and low attenuationDegradation rate <2% in the first year, using part of the standard wafer assembly line and halfcut cell technology

② Good power generation performance in shady conditionsUnique parallel design, generating more power when shading

Strong antihot spots abilityDue to the lower operating current, the power of the half cell solar panel increases and the hot spot temperature decreases

④Adapting to the high temperature and high radiation environmentHigh energy efficiency in high irradiation conditions

Photovoltaic stents

The advantages of the application of the solar panel support system are much more than its simplicity in production and installation. With the use of this specific bracket, the solar panels can also be flexibly moved according to the sun's rays and the seasons. Just like when it was just installed, the slope of each solar panel can be adjusted to suit different light angles by moving the fasteners.                 

The related products of the solar power support system are made of carbon steel and stainless steel. The surface of carbon steel is hotdip galvanized and will not rust for 30 years in outdoor use. Features: No welding, no drilling, 100% adjustable, 100% reusable.

Distribution box

Reasonable structure: spacious wiring space, large volume, multi-layer protector main switch adopts multifunctional decorative plate, which can be replaced at will, ABS plastic inner door lock can prevent electric shock.

②Photovoltaic power distribution box performance is stable: rib type busbars are used for connection, covered with heat shrink tubing and covered with transparent PC board.

③Operational safety: Multilayer protective partitions isolate the operator from live parts , each door panel is grounded to ensure operator safety.

④ Convenient dismantling and assembly of the distribution box: the box body and the safety bracket, the inner door and the outer door can be taken out at will.


We selecte Highquality inverters   which have protection functions, such as reverse / AC input overvoltage and undervoltage protection, high battery voltage, low battery voltage protection, overheating protection, overload protection, short circuit protection, leak protection, etc.